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The first day of school is an important milestone in the life of every child and their parents. Making sure their children have the best possible materials is a matter of course for many mothers, fathers and grandparents - ensuring that kids are ideally supported in the learning environment from day one.

griffix is our way of being a trusted companion for children aged 6 to 9 who are just beginning school - one that offers colourful, ergonomic product solutions for a smart start.

Well-designed writing utensils with that extra something make learning easier and more fun. That's what makes a start with Pelikan especially smart. Still, colourful and ergonomic products aren't enough for us.

Griffix products are made for the generation of tomorrow. They have to stand up to heavy use and the challenges of the future as well, such as sustainability, social responsibility and equal opportunities - something we are working on day in, day out.

Our successful griffix product family has grown and offers products from the following categories:

Our promise

Our durable griffix products for writing, painting and drawing alike were developed with researchers, educators and experts to sit perfectly in children's hands and promote proper holding.

Throughout production, packaging and transport, we keep a close eye on our manufacturing process, partners and shipping routes to ensure constant improvement. We work with reliable partners who have a proven track record of fair working conditions and efficient transport processes.

The griffix writing instruments and accessories are made at our own production site near Hanover.

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To promote sustainability, we want our packaging From 2022, that means goodbye plastic, hello cardboard packaging. Starting immediately, we are gradually switching our packaging to FSC®-certified cardboard material.

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The 4-step learn-to-write system

Back in 2008, Pelikan once again made history with its four-level approach to teaching kids how to write. The world's first comprehensive learn-to-write system remains a success to this day and has inspired many imitators.

What makes the griffix writing instruments so unique is their innovative, child-friendly grip, which was developed in line with the latest findings in graphomotor skills in cooperation with education experts and the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering.

The perfect tripod grasp: The ergonomic grip zone - which provides support for the thumb, index finger and middle finger - is based on the best way to hold a pen or pencil, the tripod grasp. The grasp offers children an ideal range of motion and allows both right- and left-handed learners to write without fatigue or hand cramps.

The four-level griffix learn-to-write system is the first integrated concept that supports the process of learning to write from the very start. What makes it so special is that the grip remains the same as the writing instruments grow more sophisticated. That way, children don't need to start from scratch as they grow and learn.

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  • 1

    Wax crayons

From drawing to writing:
Get ready for school with the right grip and the right grasp.

  • 2


For precision from the first letter:
The perfect grasp right
from the beginning.

  • 3

    Rollerball pen

From drawing to writing:
Get rolling on writing with ink.

  • 4

    Fountain pen

Welcome to the big leagues:
The perfect grip for tiny hands.

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Learn-to-write system, step 1 - Wax crayons

Drawing is the most important step towards learning how to write. It teaches children to practise movements and create cohesive, connected shapes on the path to forming their first letters.

The triangular grip zone of the wax crayon is longer and larger to avoid restricting what is naturally a very free process. At this stage, children are not expected to be right- or left-handed just yet.


Learn-to-write system, step 2 - learn-to-write pencil

A pencil is often the first real writing utensil kids use at school. Step 2 of the griffix learn-to-write system introduces a grip zone for left- and right-handed children for the first time. The pencil is the perfect start on the path to writing with ink.

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Learn-to-write system, step 3 - rollerball pen

Using a rollerball pen - the junior version of a fountain pen - teaches children to write smoothly and rapidly using ink in no time. As an instrumental part of step 3 of the learn-to-write system, the rollerball pen flexibly balances out a child's natural tendency to apply extreme pressure to the grip. The result is a fun, low-stress approach to writing. What's more, changing a rollerball pen's ink cartridge quite easy.

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Learn-to-write system, step 4 - learn-to-write fountain pen

The fountain pen, the fourth and highest level of the progressive system, helps children refine their skills when it comes to writing with ink. After getting to know all of the instruments in the learn-to-write process, new writers are now ready to take on the ultimate in writing tools: the griffix® fountain pen.

The fountain pen glides gently across paper, helping children complete the process of learning to write by acquiring excellent cursive handwriting skills. Having now practised the right way to hold a writing instrument, there's no way children can hold the fountain pen incorrectly. Welcome to the big leagues!

While the unique technology and outstanding quality of the fountain pen ensure top-flightprecision, large refill ink cartridges with colourful prints (see accessories) bring an element of fun to the world of writing.

In a wide
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School scissors, round

Parents and teachers want quality scissors at school that are both durable and sturdy. Ergonomics and easy handling for children are of the utmost importance. With its griffix® school scissors, Pelikan provides a high-quality product that helps promote fine motor skills in children.

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School scissors, pointed

The griffix school scissors with a pointed blade are designed especially for children who already know how to cut. The blades are a little bit longer for greater precision and detail while cutting. Outstanding ergonomics, easy handling and high-quality craftsmanship are also par for the course with our pointed-blade scissors.

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School paintbrushes - the winning five for primary school

The griffix brushes are the perfect addition to the griffix learn-to-write system, because painting is an important tool for improving the fine motor skills of children's hands. Specially adapted to the needs of primary school pupils and perfected for use in lessons, the griffix quality brushes ensure lots of painting fun.

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