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Pelikan Stationery is a German manufacturer of quality writing, office and art equipment. It was established by chemist Carl Hornemann, who founded a colour and ink factory in Hannover in 1832. 

The company is particularly known for its fine writing pens as well as its broad range of school products, including quality paint boxes, pens, and craft materials.

Pelikan's stable of brands include the Herlitz range of products, Susy Card and Geha.


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Pelikan Stationery's History

The Pelikan brand symbol reflects its history in a single picture. It shows the protectiveness of a parent pelican for its chick, of which one knows that it will one day take to the skies. The brand has thus become symbolic for the success of a traditional German business that has become a global player. 

If you'd like to find out more about Pelikan's history, visit Pelikan's Germany Website.

About ErgoKōnzept

ErgoKōnzept represents a range of European quality, functional, and attractively designed brands in South Africa.

ErgoKōnzept proudly distributes Pelikan in South Africa.

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